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Talk TART to me!

Ahh, the awkward moment after you (YET AGAIN) have not posted anything on your blog for a couple of months.
I don't really think I'm good at it. Am I?
Good then that I post recipes, at least it doesn't get old and you can always visit that even if there's nothing else interesting in here. Or new. Interesting as in new. I hope.
Anyywayy, how have you all been?  Baking a lot? No? Oh well... Oh, you have? That's awesome!

What I've been wanting to do today is talk to you about something that became a little love of mine some time ago that still has not been expressed here. And that is (as you may have guesses by the title, you sneaky people)


So basically all you need to know is that they're amazing.
I'm done.

haha No.
Tarts are amazing but that's 'cause they're super versitile and like you can make them sweet or salty. Tarts and little tartlets. I mean they're just so different from cookies or cakes or cupcakes, they hava the crispy dough and that's topped with some more goodness. I mean, there's no way there's a single person who doesn't like tarts, 'cause there's always a way to prepare them in a way that you'd enjoy them.
Me and my mom found our favorite way to make the dough with a normal all purpose (wheat) flour as well as  whole wheat flour, which makes it healthier yet doesn't compromise it with the taste.

I'd love to show you a couple of pictures I took of my tarts, but unfortunately I'm unable to. My laptop where I stored all of the pictures that I could maybe use someday had it's hard drive broken and therefore changed. So it's all GONE. PUFF. DISAPPEARED.
Soo to make your mouth water I'll use a couple of pictures I found in the internet. GET READY. It's gonna be intense.

lemon tart anyone?

Chocolate & chocolate and salted caramel! 

fruity blueberry?

These I absolutely need to make! Their "case" is made of digestive biscuits (which are my fave) and the filling is creme pattisiere!! And the rasberries! A GREAT COMBO! 

And let's move on to salty more "serious" tarts ;)

Spinach and onion sounds good?

That one looks interesting! Sweet potatoes, feta, swiss chard, could be amazing!

Tomatoes and Chanterelle rye tart!

Basil, pea and pancetta (bacon) tart? YUM!

With love,

P.S. You should be able to click the pictures and they'll take you to the sites with recipes ;)