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Sweet side of my life

I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately, but these summer-like days make me go crazy and I just love the weather. It's still amazingly hot but I thought I cannot leave you like that!
So I just want to show you and tell you about some things I've been doing lately or what I find interesting of baking
First off look at this cake, isn't it JUST AMAZING? Unfortunately, it wasn't me who made it, it was ordered in a bakery, but look how cute that is. My bff Mads had her 18th birthday party and this is her great birthday cake!
Ahhh awesome :)

As an interesting detail I can say that I've baked brownie cupcakes for that party, because Mads loves them and as she told me she was looking forward to eating them again :)
The other delicious things on the picture are mango mousse filled tartelettes she did.

Second thing I'd like to tell you about is The Museums' Night in Warsaw. We went with Pixie to the Royal Castle and 2 more places, anyways, I HAVE TO show you this beautiful outfit of a girl in the castle. She was dresses as Marie Antoinette of course. 

Look at that! She had a cupcake and a couple of macaroons in her hair, big cupcake in her hand and sweets all over her dress! AAA! Loved it! I could wear I cupcake on my head... maybe I should get a headband like that... I have earrings with cupcakes (from Pixie btw) so that would start a collection!

I've also found there (in the Royal Castles collection) a really old (well, it's in museum, it's not hard to guess) but I don't know any more details about this... cup? sugar bowl? I'm not even sure what it was but I fell in love with this object. 

Isn't it adorable? All turquoise with this amazing flower on the top!
OH, last thing ahha this is kind of funny. I went to the store at our school to buy just any notebook, 'cause I needed one instantaneously, 'cause my last one ended. And miss took out the first one and I paid and ran to class. Only then I realized the notebook I was holding was WITH A CUTE LITTLE CUPCAKE. How funny is that! What a coincidence! There it is.

Okay, I really have to end this post. I have lots of homework.... damn, anyways, hope you enjoyed my showing you a little bit of what's been up with me and my bakingmania haha. Let me know if you want more posts like this or if you found it boring. 
xoxx Anns