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Oreo Cupcakes 1...2...3... GO!

Am I the worst blogger ever? Guess so. I could try to explain myself - like it's the end of the school year and I had a lot of work to do - but there's no point in doing that. That's not changing anything! So I can just say that I haven't been baking that much recently, as I didn't have time.
BUT now that summer's almost there I AM GOING BACK to baking all the time. Starting today! Today, my loves, I am baking Oreo Cupcakes! My older brother - Anthony is going back from college and I thought that I'd bake something for him as he couldn't eat my delicious cupcakes for like... half of a year? Poor thing!
Anyways, Melka some time ago tried this recipe and brought two cupcakes to school so that I could try them, and wow they were so awesome! So I thought that's what I'm going to bake :) So big pack of oreos laying right beside me, first part of cupcakes in the oven...

That's how it looks for now...

I bought those cute paper liners! Those colors are so in right now,.. hahahha
Anyways, I guess I'll do a post with pictures of them later and if you want I can also give you a recipe or even a step by step "photo relation".  Mmmm the smell's lovely.
Gonna do the frosting right now, c'ya