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FAWORKI (angel wings)

No, I didn't know the english name for faworki a.k.a chrust, but I checked it and awww angel wings! That's so cute! Not anywhere close to our names for this Polish traditional delicacy.
So, this thursday we had in Poland what we call Fat Thursday which is the last thursday before Lent, so to celebrate it we eat dozens of pączki (big filled doughnuts) and faworki and pretty much anything with lots of fat.
If you've never eaten faworki than you really have to! So to make it simple I'll give you the recipe. It's sooo simple!



  • 200g flour 
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 3-4 tablespoons sour cream
  • 1 tablespoon of grain alcohol (95%) - this will prevent your faworki from absorbing the oil from pan
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • pinch of salt

  • lots of powdered sugar to sprinkle all over your faworki (you don't add any sugar into the dough so that's the way you make them sweet and delicious) 
  • lots of vegetable oil - to fry your faworki 


  1. Make a little flour "nest" on your worktop or table and inside of this "nest" put 3 yolks like in the picture below 

  2. Start mixing those two, add sour cream, alcohol, salt and baking powder and knead the dough. (Even if it's a bit sticky, leave it like that. You want your faworki to be crispy and light!)

  3. Divide the dough into 3 parts. Leave one on the table and  cover the remaining two (for example with a bowl, just so that they won't start to get dry)

  4. Roll out the first part (it should be really thin). Sprinkle your work surface with flour so that the dough wouldn't stick to rolling pin and table. Cut into strips and then something like rectangles or parallelograms, anything rectangle-related really. Make a slit in the middle of each faworek. Maybe the picture will show you what I mean better :)
they are actually better (and prettier!) smaller than this, so keep that in mind!

      5. Take the top of each faworek and slid it through the whole in it 

     6. So that you end up with many faworki looking like this 

     7. Put a big amount of oil on your pan (about 1,5cm. They fry much better then) and heat it well. You can          throw a bit of your dough into the oil to check if it's ready. If it bubbles start raising on the dough, it's good. You can go on and throw in your faworki

     8.  Throw about 4 faworki on your pan (it depends on how big or small they are and your pan is) and after 30sec-1min they'll get golden so flip them to the other side. They fry quickly so don't leave them alone!

(pour a little bit after every batch)

   9. Remove them from the pan and put on a plate (or whatever you like) covered with napkins/paper towels so that it will absorb some of the oil. 

     10. Amply sprinkle them with powdered sugar! You want a think layer of the sugar, believe me :) Sprinkle them while they're still hot and remember to do it after every batch you take from the pan.

     11.  Continue with the rest of the faworki and then do exactly the same with the remaining two parts of                   dough! :)

You'll end up with a lot of faworki all ready for you to eat them! SMACZNEGO! :) 

I saw your request for the oreo cupcakes recipe and I'll post it ASAP! 




LOOK WHAT I'VE GOT! I got the picture of the birthday cupcake. And our creativity with the candle went wild and as we didn't have the birthday candle we just used a tealight haha
Just thought I'd share, 'cause I was really disappointed yesterday!

Just wanted to share that quickly :)
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Memories of birthday cupcakes

I'm a lousy blogger. And I don't even have a legitimate excuse.

And what I wanted to show you today, my awesome double chocolate cupcake beauties, didn't get any pictures. (Guess they weren't so beautiful after all. Or maybe too pretty to take time to take a picture 'cause all you wanted to do is just take a bite?) I only have the BEFORE picture, without the AFTER one. So without frosting and decorating :( SHAME.
They were delicious chocolate cupcakes (from my basic standard recipe that I think I should finally share!) with yummy chocolate frosting and sprinkled with chocolate chunks :) Aaaaah! Imagine that!
And I have to mention that, those were birthday cupcakes for my dear friend SAMANTHA! <3 p="">

But as I was going through my pictures I found some of those awesome vanilla cupcakes with fudge chunks with chocolate frosting and again fudge chunks. YURMMM
Take a look at that and then try to imagine the chocolate ones :)

 Gotta luv 'em! hahaha
If you want to know anything more about those little guys let me know
Have a good night and love cupcakes :)