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Diet cupcakes part 2?

I've made my diet cupcakes once again! Nothing special, you'd think,but I couldn't resist this time and found a recipe for a LOW-FAT frosting :) Well... I'm not that sure if it's that much different, but in my mind it's saved as a low-fat so I don't have as many regrets after eating the cupcake! Take a look at the pictures

P is for Pixie. She's been my best friend for like 11 years now :) Anyways we were to meet so I thought it would be cool to do maybe just one cupcake especially for her! And those little things on frosting are crushed pieces of biscuits, like it? 'Cause I do like how it looks, i thought it's a nice idea! 
So diet vanilla cupcakes with zucchini + low-fat buttercream vanilla frosting (with baking-margarine instead of butter) + crushed biscuits = NICE DIET CUPCAKE :) If you want any recipe or want more details or anything just let me now. 
I'm waiting for your comments and advices about my blog! 
P.S. one cupcake is supposed to have like 200 calories? That's.. i think that's less than a normal cupcake which is like 400? 300? not really sure, I'm sorry. But if you want me I can check that out for you! 


Diet cupcakes

As for like a week i've been on a diet, well maybe not as much being on a diet but eating healthy... healthier? Anyways I couldn't stop baking! And baking equals eating at least one cupcake... you know, to try it and everything. So I decided to make diet cupcakes! I've done them once and I knew they were good. The recipe was taken from Cook Yourself Thin TV-show and they were to have 1/2 calories of a normal cupcake. What made them so special and less caloric? Instead of butter you add grated ZUCCHINI! I was shocked of course and I believe you are as well. Don't worry after taking out from the oven the taste is perfect and you can't tell that there's something wrong with them or that there's zucchini inside. It's amazing and I really recommend those ones for everyone :)

here you've got pictures




Hello, so today I wanted to present you couple of pictures which show my bakings :)

I hope you can see that!
Oh, I made muffins yesterday and they were pretty tasty :) I'll tell you more about them and post pictures tomorrow, I don't really have time right now, sorry.
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Well, hello. Umm God, it's really awkward, I don't actually know what to say to you at first. I think I should introduce myself a little bit and tell you the reason why I started this blog.
So my name's Ann, I'm Polish actually and I live in Warsaw (the capital). You can probably start wondering right now "why is she writting in english then". I enjoy talking in english, it gives me pleasure and makes me practise it and just feels better than talking in polish... Don't ask me why, because I can't answer that question. I've been criticized a lot because of it. But that's not the most important thing here, I LOVE to bake and that's it. My other interests are photography and fashion, but believe it or not I'm not really going to do anything like that in future, I mean, I don't plan to? I's been a year, I guess, since I found out I could work in PR (Public Relations). Is that odd? Well, I obviously checked confectioner's and photographer's jobs, but I they both have things I don't like or I can't handle and I don't think I would in future. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm talking to you about what I would do in future and you're wondering how old am I? I'm in high school , that's all I will say about my age.
OK, so now let's move to facts. Why i started this blog? I wanted to mix such great things like baking, talking in english and communicating with people? Maybe even someday getting fans or something.  Well, it's summer, I have some free time and I bake. I do that right now about 2-3 times in a week? Depends of course on how many other things I have to do, how many friends I'm meeting and if I have needed products at home
I think... I think that's all to say here. My blog will contain my thoughts, pictures of my cupcakes, muffins and anything else I will make and maybe some recipes if you'd like? Well, I hope there would be maybe just a single person to support me and read my blog and let me know how is it. Thanks for now,