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May all your Christmases be white ❄

The title makes it clear. The Christmas time is here!
And as I love a song with that title, I thought that would be perfect.
So today was our last day of school. Class Christmas parties and stuff. Kind of weird knowing that it's our last Christmas together! So of course, what else would I bring if it wasn't cupcakes. This year I thought I'd just color my frosting green and sprinkle it and it would look like a christmas tree :)  I also wanted to do a star on the top of each cupcake's frosting, but I finally didn't find the time to run to the store and get stars  :(
So that's how my chocolate cupcakes with green "american" buttercream frosting looked like/

Ugh, you can see that because I had to somehow transport over 30 cupcakes to school some of the Christmas trees lost their tops! And obviously, all of them are missing the stars :(

So anyway, as I, the worst blogger ever, finally got around to posting something,


I love all of you that actually read my posts that I do so rarely recently... 
So merry Christmas and I'll wish you that and post a song. ('Cause I absolutely love Christmas songs!)

This is my favorite version of White Christmas by Michael Buble :)