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Baking Baby

Don't mind the pose or my face. 

I'm sorry, I was soo excited and I tweeted that I got it but I haven't actually let you know here. Buut I GOT IT yaaay!
So the call woke me up on Wednesday (it was like 10-11 am). They told me, they had to pick just one person and they've chosen me. I mean between me and Pixie. I was super excited that I got the job, though it kind of got me down that I won't be working with P as I was really looking forward to it. But if it had to be just one person, I'm glad I got it (sorry, Pix <3). So I was wide awake in a moment and as I hung up I ran out of my room and started shouting "I got the joooob! I gooot the joooob!" and doing crazy winner dance.
Hahah yeah, so they told me to be there today, so thursday. Today was my again kind of trial day as I was there just for 4h (which was exhausting, but OK, I'm not complaining!).
So I helped today to bake brownies, cut the cake, I kneaded dough, used cashier machine and... brewed coffee. The last was the hardest for me, I guess. Which cup, which button, foaming milk and so on... But I'll get to the point where it would be nothing for me! :) I hope?
Anyways it was a really good day, I guess. Maybe presence of Pixie was making that happen as she was there for I believe most of the time I've spent there, eating brownies, drinking coffee, reading a magazine and being a lovely friend :)
So thank you all if you had crossed your fingers for me, 'cause this is seriously great. I can't imagine a better first job.
Oh, and if you want to pay a visit and try one of the amazing bakings there are in Qki, it is really near the Natolin metro station.
And let me know if you want reviews on what can you get there. Yes, I AM going to try them all. And I can tell you all :)


  1. oh my ! im so happy for you, thats definitely perfect job.
    could you write here a recipe for this jelly cupcakes?

    1. I've posted it some time ago, there you go! :)