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Memories of birthday cupcakes

I'm a lousy blogger. And I don't even have a legitimate excuse.

And what I wanted to show you today, my awesome double chocolate cupcake beauties, didn't get any pictures. (Guess they weren't so beautiful after all. Or maybe too pretty to take time to take a picture 'cause all you wanted to do is just take a bite?) I only have the BEFORE picture, without the AFTER one. So without frosting and decorating :( SHAME.
They were delicious chocolate cupcakes (from my basic standard recipe that I think I should finally share!) with yummy chocolate frosting and sprinkled with chocolate chunks :) Aaaaah! Imagine that!
And I have to mention that, those were birthday cupcakes for my dear friend SAMANTHA! <3 p="">

But as I was going through my pictures I found some of those awesome vanilla cupcakes with fudge chunks with chocolate frosting and again fudge chunks. YURMMM
Take a look at that and then try to imagine the chocolate ones :)

 Gotta luv 'em! hahaha
If you want to know anything more about those little guys let me know
Have a good night and love cupcakes :)

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