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The Great (Britain) Adventure!

Soo I was gone for a long time. I know. 
But there's been a lot of crazy stuff going on! Crazy in a very good way though!

One of the things was me going to live in London for 2 months. Fun? YES!
And I thought I'd share some pictures from my trip with you. 

They're all obviously CUPCAKE/BAKING/FOOD related! And oh my goodness, you can find cupcakes EVERYWHERE there. And every freaking store has a well stocked baking section! You can buy pretty much everything you'd need! 
Okay, but let's go ahead and look at the pictures!

That's the view from my balcony. It was TRULY AMAZING. The view and the cupcake make this picture I think my favorite picture of the whole trip.

Did you ever try them? YUM. I definitely recommend these little guys! And obviously they're the best warm!

Cupcakes I made for my brother's birthday over there :) Chocolate with lemon frosting!

Standard and soo british.Tea and digestive cookies. Ahhh my favorite ones! 

Ohh and the Reese's - chocolate cups that are filled with PEANUT BUTTER! <3 p="">

 Window shopping? More like window eating!

CUTE british cupcakes baking? ;)
Ben & Jerry's ice cream machine? HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

Adorable little cupcake store

And even in stupid Tesco or Sainsbury's you can find a variety of these little things!

That's all, you guys, of my baking-related GB pictures!
I hope you liked this post! :)
So I'll end it with Mr. Ben. Big Ben.

I love you, London.

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