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Well, hello. Umm God, it's really awkward, I don't actually know what to say to you at first. I think I should introduce myself a little bit and tell you the reason why I started this blog.
So my name's Ann, I'm Polish actually and I live in Warsaw (the capital). You can probably start wondering right now "why is she writting in english then". I enjoy talking in english, it gives me pleasure and makes me practise it and just feels better than talking in polish... Don't ask me why, because I can't answer that question. I've been criticized a lot because of it. But that's not the most important thing here, I LOVE to bake and that's it. My other interests are photography and fashion, but believe it or not I'm not really going to do anything like that in future, I mean, I don't plan to? I's been a year, I guess, since I found out I could work in PR (Public Relations). Is that odd? Well, I obviously checked confectioner's and photographer's jobs, but I they both have things I don't like or I can't handle and I don't think I would in future. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm talking to you about what I would do in future and you're wondering how old am I? I'm in high school , that's all I will say about my age.
OK, so now let's move to facts. Why i started this blog? I wanted to mix such great things like baking, talking in english and communicating with people? Maybe even someday getting fans or something.  Well, it's summer, I have some free time and I bake. I do that right now about 2-3 times in a week? Depends of course on how many other things I have to do, how many friends I'm meeting and if I have needed products at home
I think... I think that's all to say here. My blog will contain my thoughts, pictures of my cupcakes, muffins and anything else I will make and maybe some recipes if you'd like? Well, I hope there would be maybe just a single person to support me and read my blog and let me know how is it. Thanks for now,

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