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Diet cupcakes part 2?

I've made my diet cupcakes once again! Nothing special, you'd think,but I couldn't resist this time and found a recipe for a LOW-FAT frosting :) Well... I'm not that sure if it's that much different, but in my mind it's saved as a low-fat so I don't have as many regrets after eating the cupcake! Take a look at the pictures

P is for Pixie. She's been my best friend for like 11 years now :) Anyways we were to meet so I thought it would be cool to do maybe just one cupcake especially for her! And those little things on frosting are crushed pieces of biscuits, like it? 'Cause I do like how it looks, i thought it's a nice idea! 
So diet vanilla cupcakes with zucchini + low-fat buttercream vanilla frosting (with baking-margarine instead of butter) + crushed biscuits = NICE DIET CUPCAKE :) If you want any recipe or want more details or anything just let me now. 
I'm waiting for your comments and advices about my blog! 
P.S. one cupcake is supposed to have like 200 calories? That's.. i think that's less than a normal cupcake which is like 400? 300? not really sure, I'm sorry. But if you want me I can check that out for you! 

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