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Diet cupcakes

As for like a week i've been on a diet, well maybe not as much being on a diet but eating healthy... healthier? Anyways I couldn't stop baking! And baking equals eating at least one cupcake... you know, to try it and everything. So I decided to make diet cupcakes! I've done them once and I knew they were good. The recipe was taken from Cook Yourself Thin TV-show and they were to have 1/2 calories of a normal cupcake. What made them so special and less caloric? Instead of butter you add grated ZUCCHINI! I was shocked of course and I believe you are as well. Don't worry after taking out from the oven the taste is perfect and you can't tell that there's something wrong with them or that there's zucchini inside. It's amazing and I really recommend those ones for everyone :)

here you've got pictures


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