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Going green!

Hi! It's St. Patrick's Day, so of course I wanna wish you all everything green! I saw so many beautiful cupcakes and cakes and pies and cookies with green frostings, for example, and I really wanted to bake something like that to celebrate this day properly! Unfortunately, rearranging my room absorbed me deeply and I didn't find time to do this. But look how cute they are!

Aaaah, these are amazing, I should have done something!

You can also find ideas for great toppings in here!

I guess the only thing green I've been eating today like crazy are pears! God, I love those. Anyway, I think a great idea for this green day is also to simply get a box of mint (or pistachio) ice cream OR, if you have more time, put those ice cream ON your e.x. chocolate cupcake! Especially when they're warm aaaaah I so wish I had done that. Yumm!
I gotta go, guys, but I hope you baked something green! Send me your baked green goods, I'd love to see that! Let's end it with green as well... Ce Lo Green :)
I LOVE THIS SONG, gives me such positive energy! That's why I had to add my personal fav!
I hope you liked this post! Comment and let me know wheather these ideas were good and how was your St. Patrick's Day.


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