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Dreaming of macaroons

Hi! Really quick today!
I'm soo happy to see all those views of my page. It really does bring a huge smile to my face, so thank you!
My room's looking soo good, so I' ve decided I finally have to bake something and celebrate :) Unfortunately today AGAIN it didn't work out. You may wonder, why the hell am I writing a post when I didn't bake anything.Well, I just wanted to let you know, I am going to bake cinnamon rolls again tomorrow, 'cause my younger brother's been begging me for them, so how can I resist? Really these rolls are amazing and everybody loves them, so be careful, 'cause they won't let you not bake them!
Anyways, mamma mia, I've found a thing that will take my baking to the whole new level (I hope). It's...

AAAA I have no idea why I didn't think of them before, but there it is. I SWEAR I'll bake them. Maybe this weekend if I'll finally find some time. God, it's so crazy with all the tests. School is actually really demanding and I have million gazilion tests and quizes in a week... gaah.
 Anyway, have a good night, dream of perfect world of macaroons, cupcakes and pies and b'bye!
P.S. Yes, the cupcakes in the background were made by me! 

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  1. Anns pls - this time u HAVE TO bring just one roll for moi ! I'm going even to break my diet :D