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Easter delights

Hi! I am soo sorry for not posting this earlier I just couldn't find time for it, I don't even know why... I was about to do it like million times but then something always came up and there I am, 2 weeks after Easter showing you what I baked... forgive me, please!
Soo of course, like everybody ( I guess) I've baked a lot with my mom, mostly. We did the traditional polish Easter bakings like mazurka, babka (something like a yeast cake), but we also made cheesecake and I've done cupcakes, obviously :) I think I've gained soo much weight, but let's not think about it! Look at that yummy things!

this is mazurek, and it's pretty much a shortcrust pastry that you can put everything on. I did mine with caramel fudge sauce and chocolate over it :) Decorated with almond flakes and dried cranberries 

this is babka and some easter eggs :) Mine had rasins inside and was truly delicious

and there is one single cupcake with frosting lookin like brain and chocolate egg. Oh and they had chocolate egg inside of them as a surprise :> well, they turned out soo sweet that we had troubles eatin' them haha 
I guess that's it for today, but I MADE MACAROONS, you guys! But about this next time, 
love, love

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