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Spring love

Well well well, look at me. It's 7.04, i have like 6 minutes to leave for school. And what am I doing? A post. But since I had those 10 minutes, I figured I can show you some amazing pictures of spring cupcakes. Of course I was inspired by the beauty of  the weather. Is it just me or world really gets much much prettier in the spring. But that not it, my loves. Spring only comes so that after it can be SUMMER. Oh, how I can't wait for those summer days! Anyways, back to the topic. I've found some great pictures I wanted to show you, guys :)

aaaaah, aren't those adorable? I can't stop smiling! I have tea parties like that in my wonderland :)

and thisss... awww <3

I want those, they look soo cheerful! 

Oh My God.

Ups, I'm running late now! Shit, I gotta run! Stay gorgeous! 

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