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Happy Easter!

Hello, hello! I'm sorry, I haven't posted this earlier, but I was so taken with all the preparations I didn't find time to do it. Anyway, I've baked really good chocolate cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting for my "school Easter" and as I got so many requests to post a recipe for this frosting, I couldn't say NO. It's kind of problematic, though. I haven't used ANY recipe for this frosting. I just made my own, if you can call simply pouring some things together in a bowl a recipe. Anyways, the problem is, I am not sure how much of e.g. confectioner's sugar did i put in. But about this in a second. YOU WANT IT, YOU GOT IT. 



  • 1 package of cream cheese (125g) - I used "ostrowia jogurtowa" if you were wondering, 'cause I didn't have Philadelphia at home
  • 20-25g of butter at room temperature (sth about that, I just put a little bit)
  • juice from half of lemon 
  • confectioner's sugar - but how much, that is the question. I don't know, I just poured some, mixed it, poured some more and kept doing that until I got the consistency I liked. I didn't want want it to be too runny, but well, it just kept on being rather runny, so I let it be like that finally, as I COULDN'T WIN. I believe it could've been about 2 cups? I don't know, really, you just have to check if you like it like that.

What to do?

What you do is simply mix in stand or handmixer all those ingredients and try with confectioner's sugar. 
When you're done put it in fridge for about an hour, decorate the cupcakes and put them inside of the frigde again. That's at least how I did it, without putting it in fridge at all, it can just run down your cupcake, which is, I BELIEVE, not good. 

I decorated my cupcakes with orange zest and that's how it looked :)


Oh, I've also done one St. Patrick's Day a little bit later :D

Thank you  so much for watching, try this frosting and enjoy them!
I'm going to post some of my Easter bakings later! I hope you're gonna like 'em!

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